Margaret Ryan - children's Author

Weird Street

Jonny Smith is a very ordinary boy from a very ordinary family. He starts off with a  very ordinary paper round until he comes face to face with some of the inhabitants of WEIRD STREET. There’s nothing ordinary about them. Find out about Johnny’s scary adventures.

cover - The Curse of Captain CrosseyedThe Curse of Captain Crosseyed

Jonny has to deliver a paper to number 13 Weird Street. But who is the shady figure standing at an upstairs window, and is that a parrot sitting on his shoulder and a hook on his right hand? Is that his one eared cat sitting on the doorstep, and why does his garden gnome wear an eye patch?

Could number thirteen be unlucky for Jonny?


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cover - Fat Alphie in LoveThe Treasure of Mr Tipp

Just what is going on at number thirty four and a half Weird Street? What is the cause of all the bangs and explosions? Why is there an old washing machine lying in the front garden and vegetables growing on the roof.

Jonny is very curious and just has to find out. Especially about the robots…


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cover The Riddle of Dr SphinxThe Riddle of Dr Sphinx

What is hiding in the shoulder-high grass at number thirty six Weird Street? What is making that creepy rustling sound? What does the strange writing on the ancient stone box mean? And why does one of Dr Sphinx’s cats have a wheel on the end of its leg?

The people who live in Weird Street are seriously weird, but Jonny just has to investigate.


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cover - The Mystery of Miss KingThe Mystery of Miss King

What strange events are taking place at number fifty seven Weird Street? Was that a foot in the garden shed? What was a skull doing on top of the television in the sitting room? And why have all those holes suddenly appeared in the front lawn?

Jonny thinks it’s scary, but he just has to find out …


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