Margaret Ryan - children's Author

School/Library Visits

What happens during a Margaret Ryan visit?

FUN, that’s what happens!

The author arrives and is (hopefully) greeted with a cup of tea; just milk no sugar, please.

A large table is required to lay out all the author’s stuff; books, galley proofs, colouring in sheets/ bookmarks, book jackets , costumes to dress up the children. (And adults too sometimes, so be warned!)

Each session lasts about an hour and begins with…

  1. Where ideas come from. How to get ideas. What to look/listen out for.
  2. The author reads part of a story from a well illustrated book and chats about illustrations. (I can’t draw at all, but children assure me they can and are always interested in this.)
  3. Introduction to the book we’re going to focus on. Idea behind it etc.
  4. Dressing up the children as the characters in the story. (Usually some help needed with this.)
  5. The author reads the story. Children are encouraged to act out their part in the story, if they wish.
  6. How a book is made. Introducing some technical language e.g. galley proof.
  7. Questions. Lots of questions are encouraged, and the author will answer them as best she can. (Sometimes they can be really quite complicated and technical!)
  8. Colouring in bookmarks etc (Some coloured pens/pencils will be required for the children.)
  9. Book selling and signing, if appropriate.
  10. More tea, please.

Numbers of children in a session.
You may put in as many (supervised) children as the venue will reasonably hold.  About sixty children is the norm, though in a workshop situation twenty is plenty.

If there is going to be a major staff room war if a class is excluded, then add that class in too. (I used to be a teacher remember, I know about these things!)

The Commercial Bit. (Sorry)
In Scotland - the usual Live Literature rates apply; fee, travel, overnight accommodation, where necessary.
The Rest of the World - By arrangement.

Margaret Ryan also talks to adult groups e.g. Writers’ clubs, WRI, Rotary, Probus, teachers’ groups etc (Anyone who will listen really!)