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Pirate Books published by A&C Black… OOH AAR!
It’s all aboard the good ship, Hesmeralda for…

Captain Motley and the Pirates’ Gold - Buy from Amazon
Smudger and the Smelly Fish.
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Doris’s Brilliant Birthday - Buy from Amazon
Kevin and the Pirate’s Test.
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Captain Motley and the Pirate's Gold
Smudger and the Smelly Fish
Doris's Brilliant Birthday
Kevin and the Pirate Test


Millie Morgan, PirateAnd with Walker Books…Shiver me timbers…

Millie Morgan, Pirate. Millie retires from the sea and causes mayhem on dry land. Look out for her pet vulture called Griffon. Well, you didn’t think she’d have an ordinary parrot, did you?
I like pirate stories. Can you tell?

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Also I enjoyed writing…

Scratch and Sniff .( A&C Black)

Scratch and Sniff
A story about a collie and  a dachshund who are very good at catching criminals and even better at eating cream buns.

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The Queen’s Birthday Hat.(Puffin)

The Queen's Birthday Hat
The queen wants a new garden hat for her birthday but the royal hat makers just can’t seem to make anything to suit her. Then she spies the royal donkey. How can he help?

This book won a Scottish Arts Council Book award.

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