Margaret Ryan - children's Author

Fat Alphie and Charlie the Wimp

Fat Alphie and Charlie the Wimp are stray cats who live at Number Three Wheelie Bin Avenue in Little Yowling.

There are four fat Alphie and Charlie the Wimp books.

cover - The Disappearing DinnerThe Disappearing Dinner

Fat Alphie is unhappy because someone is getting to his favourite eating spots before him and eating his dinner. He hopes it’s not the terrifying Mugger Magee. But what if it is…

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cover - Fat Alphie in LoveFat Alphie in Love

Fat Alphie is in love with lovely Lola, but she ignores him. What can he do to make her notice him? He tries giving her a present, singing her a song and reciting her a poem, but nothing works. What can he do? And can Charlie and the other cats in Little Yowling possibly help?

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cover Fat Alphie: New Kit on the BlockNew Kit on the Block

Fat Alphie’s not too keen on the new kitten in the street especially when he uses Fat Alphie’s tummy as a trampoline!

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cover - Fat Alphie and the FamousFat Alphie the Famous

Fat Alphie wants to be as famous as his explorer cousin, Skinny Jinny, but he’s not very good at anything. What can he try? Painting pictures doesn’t look too difficult he decides…

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Enjoy the Fat Alphie books with their beautiful colour pictures—fortunately not drawn by Fat Alphie!