Margaret Ryan - children's Author

Educational Books

The Sea Monster: pocket tales year 2   The Singing Giant story and play: Rigby Star guided green level 1.
The Sea Monster
Based on a true story of a little whale which got lost and swam up the river Clyde by mistake!
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  The Singing Giant
Just like George the giant, I love to sing, but why does everyone disappear whenever I start?
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The Mystery Man: Rigby Star guided Lime level.   Zara and the Fairy Godbrother: Collins Big Cat progress.
Mystery Man
I love writing detective stories.
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  Zara and the Fairy Godfather
Well, you’ve heard of fairy godmothers, haven’t you? Why shouldn’t the boys get a chance? But did you know they do text-a –spell…
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David’s Diary.   Georgina and the Dragon.
David's Diary
David’s family move to a new town and David has to go to a new school. There could be trouble ahead. Have a sneaky peek in his diary to find out what happens.
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  Georgina and the Dragon
George and Georgina are twins. George likes to sew tapestries. Georgina doesn’t. Georgina likes to practise sword fighting. George doesn’t. When a dragon appears which one will fight him? And is the dragon really as fierce as he’s supposed to be?
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Amber’s Big Dog: Rigby Star Independent green reader 4.    
Amber's Big Dog
Based on my big dog which tired me out.
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