Margaret Ryan - children's Author

Airy Fairy

There are six Airy Fairy books all about a little orphaned fairy who goes to Fairy Gropplethorpe’s Academy for Good Fairies. Unfortunately one of the other fairies is not good. She is Scary fairy who goes out of her way to make life difficult for Airy fairy. But although Airy fairy’s spells seldom work the way they should and her fairy wand is all bent out of shape, she tries and tries and somehow always manages to win through in the end.

cover - Airy Fairy: Magic MischiefMagic Mischief

It’s nearly Christmas and all the fairies at Fairy Gropplethorpe’s Academy for Good Fairies are looking forward to their Christmas party. Except for Airy Fairy. Her school report is so bad that she’s been sent to sit on top of the awful Grimm family’s prickly Christmas, with instructions to make them into nicer people before Christmas. She only has six spells with which to work her fairy magic and she’s terrible at spelling. Can she possibly do it and get to the school Christmas party on time?

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cover - Airy Fairy: Magic MuddleMagic Muddle

The chief inspector of schools, Fairy Noralot, has asked Fairy Gropplethorpe to organise a competition to find the fittest fairy in her Academy. A Fairy Olympics!

It ought to be fun, but Airy Fairy isn’t so sure. Running,,,riding…climbing ropes…?

She worries that she’ll get things all wrong. And her arch enemy, Scary Fairy, is there to make sure that she does

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cover - Airy Fairy: Magic Music Magic Music

The fairies are putting on a concert at Fairy Gropplethorpe’s Academy for the famous musician, Fairy Glissando, and Airy Fairy can’t wait to magic up a fantastic frock for the occasion. But first she has to practise on all the school’s musical instruments for the concert, and somehow she always manages to get her notes mixed up. She can’t seem to play anything right at all. Could Scary Fairy be up to her usual tricks?

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cover - Airy Fairy: Magic Mix-UPMagic Mix-Up

It’s the summer holidays and all the fairies are going camping. It should be fun, but Airy Fairy’s not so sure. There are bound to be creepy crawly things, and buzzy buzzy things, and ENORMOUS spiders. To say nothing of Scary Fairy, who’s bound to have some nasty tricks up her sleeve to get Airy Fairy into trouble, and to make sure  her holiday is a complete disaster.

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cover - Airy Fairy: Magic MessMagic Mess

It’s Fairy Gropplethorpe’s Rainbow Birthday and all the fairies are using their magic spells to make her a special birthday surprise. But Airy Fairy’s not very good at spelling and everything she tries seems to go wrong—thanks to Scary Fairy and her usual dirty tricks.  But Airy Fairy must have a present for the Rainbow birthday. She can’t let Fairy Gropplethorpe down. What on earth can she do?

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cover - Airy Fairy: Magic MistakeMagic Mistakes

It’s the start of the autumn term and, at Fairy Gropplethorpe’s Academy, all the fairies are learning how to cook. There’s to be a competition to make the best pudding. Airy Fairy is determined to try to learn her cooking spells properly, and to stay out of trouble. But, with Scary Fairy around determined to stir things up, it could be a recipe for disaster.

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