Margaret Ryan - children's Author

The Abby Books

cover - ABBY: Calamity and ChaosCalamity and Chaos

Abby can’t wait to for the arrival of her wild Grandma Aphrodite from Oz- and when they meet, she’s not disappointed. In her sheepskin coat and crocodile boots she walks into Abby’s life and turns it upside down. Before long they’re dancing to The Beatles, bringing chaos to the neighbourhood and hatching a brilliant plan to find Abby’s mum a man!


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cover - ABBY: Madness and MayhemMadness and Mayhem

Nothing’s been the same since Grandma Aphrodite came to stay from Australia. For a start, Abby’s mum has finally found a boyfriend and is acting like a teenager, and now Grandma’s husband, Handsome Harris has disappeared. Could he really have been kidnapped by the Australian mafia?

One thing’s for sure, Abby and her grandma will soon be hot on Handsome’s trail.


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cover ABBY: Confusion and CatastropheConfusion and Catastrophe

Life is never dull with Abby’s Grandma Aphrodite around and together they need to work out a seriously good plan. Abby’s up against her rival, the precious Belinda Fishcake, in the school talent contest. Unfortunately Abby has a voice that could peel paint and the brace doesn’t help either.

But life is about to get more complicated still. Who is the mysterious man in the big black beard and what is his connection with Abby?

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